Sponge Mix

Our easy-to-use Sponge Mix is perfect for baking delicious cakes or cupcakes – just add eggs, oil and water! Each bag contains enough mix for one Victoria sponge cake or 12 cupcakes.

Gel Food Colour

Add vibrant colour to sponge, icing and much more with our range of concentrated Gel Food Colours. Each gel comes in an easy-dose tube and is bake-stable, ensuring your baking is as bright and colourful when it comes out the oven!

Edible Glitter

Add a touch of sparkle to your cakes and baking using our Edible Glitters. Available in Gold and Silver, these glitters are perfect for topping iced cakes and cupcakes.

Cupcake Decorating Kits

Create your own amazing cupcakes using our Cupcake Decorating Kit. Each kit contains enough cases and sprinkles for decorating 12 themed cupcakes!

Available in Unicorn, Tropical, Party and Football varieties!

Wafer Flowers

Add a beautiful finishing touch to cakes and cupcakes with these delicate White Wafer Flowers.

Created with edible wafer paper, these decorations are perfect for adding to spring and summer bakes!

Each pack contains 8 Wafer Flowers, and these are available in White and Pink.

Chocolate Chips

Our delicious Milk Chocolate Chips can be used for just about anything… topping cakes and ice cream, baking in cookies and muffins, or melting for a rich chocolate drizzle!

Writing Icings

Easily personalise cakes and bakes with our Writing Icing range!

Choose from 3 fabulous mixes:

  • Blue, Purple & Pink
  • Red, Yellow & Orange
  • Black, White & Green


Our fun range of sprinkles add the perfect finishing touch to cakes and bakes!

Available in Unicorn, Under the Sea, Party and Dinosaur varieties.


Our tasty Frosting – available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Varieties – is perfect for piping or spreading and will decorate cupcakes or one large cake.

You can use this frosting by adding to a piping bag and nozzle or simply apply this frosting to cupcakes or one cake directly by using a palette knife or spoon.

This frosting is so easy to use and will make a scrumptious topping for your baking!